FDR consolidates and builds on a Rights-Based Approach and uses the community based rehabilitation (CBR) strategy to reach persons and their families with disabilities for improved rights-protection, opportunities and dignity. FDR works to promote and empower the community to be responsible for with disability- related issues by making our service available to individuals, families, peer groups, partner groups and disabled persons organizations. FDR has worked continuously in the central province from its initial phase and at present is working in the North-Western province while facilitating a partnership role to the National CBR programme conducted by the Ministry of Social services island-wide. FDR has

implemented its strategy simultaneously in three main streams, Empowerment, Social mobilization and capacity building and Technology. It is also our expectation to bring about social change within communities manifested as behavioral change which in turn removes the social, cultural and physical barriers faced by the people who have disability and their families. In this way, rehabilitation is promoted as a component of overall main stream development, recognizing the rights and responsibilities of people who have disability an equal opportunity and equal place in civil society. Our main office is situated in Lewella Kandy.

What's happening now

Last Week at FDR

FDR conducted various programmes in the last week including opening of stimulation center in Panduwasnuwara East, visiting of global leadership summit leaders to FDR along with chairman, training program for children with disabilities and their parents in Kurunegala division and inclusive New Year celebration in Anamaduwa. Also, under technology program, reading and learning materials(CDs) were produced and the strategic plan was finalized in this week.

This Week at FDR

In the coming week, 7th of April- a meeting in colombo has been scheduled and on 8th- DCT meeting in Puttlam and a training for children with disabilities and their parents will be taking place in Mahawa. On 9th-, pre-school teacher training will be conducted in Kurunegala and the DCT for Kurunegala will be held on 10th of April.