These clinics go into village schools and tea estates, as well as into some of
Sri Lanka's most remote and hard to reach areas. We provide screening for health issues such as malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies, visual and hearing impairments. We also conduct well-baby clinics and dental check-ups.

Fridsro partners with the local government and medical authorities in trying to ensure that the men, women and children in these areas receive adequate medical and dental care. One of the most useful tools provided in our clinics is awareness. Fridsro conducts programs for personal and oral hygiene as well as HIV/AIDS education.


The disaster relief team is mobilized when there is a natural or manmade disaster that requires extraordinary measures to safe guard humans outside of our regular work. We have served the people of Sri Lanka during the 2004 Tsunami, resettling people in the immediate aftermath when the civil war ended in 2010 and Flood affected people in 2011. We have rebuilt houses and businesses, provided immediate food and neccesities relief, provided counselling and medical care. We are ready to mobilize immediately should the need arise.